What JDM Means ?

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What JDM Means ?

Initially JDM stands for "Japanese Domestic Market", which mean that a car or a spare part, was designed to conform to Japanese regulations and to suit Japanese buyers tastes so the product was to be sold only in Japan.

For example, the Subaru Forester STI, the NSX NA1 Type R, EK9 Civic Type R, the Suzuki Cappucino and many kei cars were sold for the JDM exclusively.

But time has passed and now JDM is being referred to the Japanese automotive industry in general and the Japanese car culture including car mods, styles... and so on. 

JDM doesn't mean it is better (even if it is actually often the case); JDM is telling you where it was supposed to be sold when car makers and engineers have started their work.
JDM culture is actually very different compared to occidentals car culture especially on these two points :

- Engineering is pushed toward innovation and long-time commitments project that helped to create the "high technology" and "good reliability" reputation that the Japanese automotive-industry has.
Learn more about Japanese car makers strategy to get awesome results with this article.

- Peoples tuning there cars in Japan are doing it for themselves and for fun, so when another petrolhead is passing by, he enjoys the fact that the car match the driver.
The driver/car owner is happy and it is then only thing that matters, no competition about it, no "you should have done it this way"... A very enjoyable car scene indeed.


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Most of Japanese roads are mountainous but there are still some very good high speed highways and some legendary tracks like Tsukuba Circuit, Fuji Speedway, Twin Ring Motegi, Suzuka Circuit...

This variety of different roads and tracks has developed a very complete driving knowledge and has made Japanese cars good for both straight and sinuous roads.

In this video you can have a Kanjozoku's opinion about JDM origins.


Who started JDM ?


many people and places claim to be the authentic creation of the JDM style, they are all Japanese of course but is there a more legitimate place or group of people than others that can fit this description?

from my humble non-Japanese point of view I think that many of these groups who claim this style are right... but not quite. A bit like the war to know who invented rap music this subject will never dry up.

However I think this style was collectively created by these different groups/people/brands in different places.

I'm thinking of the:

  • Touges from the Japanese countryside.
  • Street racers from all over Japan and especially from Wangan Expressway, especially RACING TEAM MID NIGHT aka MIDNiGHT CLUB which had a very special media influence.
  • Kanjozoku from Osaka.
  •  To anime creators like Wangan Midnight and Initial D or even the show BEST MOTORING who have spread. this culture abroad.
  • To the various Japanese manufacturers who have built immortal models.
  • To the worldwide public who share this passion and spread it, increasing its impact.
  • To the Bosozoku who have turned the culture of cars upside down with improbable and eccentric styles.
  • To the movies such as "Fast and the Furious" that brought the attention of the public to the import cars.
  • The various circuits in Japan such as Ebisu, Fuji Speedway, Suzuka, Tsukuba and many others
  • Japanese exporters and manufacturers of high performance parts

All this contributed to the birth of a JDM worldwide fashion initiated in Japan, a fashion that brings freedom, lightness and pleasure in a world more and more strict and anxious.
This fashion has many sub-genres and leaves room for customization, which leads to participate in the evolution of this style in the place where you are.
Even JDM-BEST is part of that world and has an influence on it, but we shall be cautious about it, no one wants to ruin this great JDM culture by having a wrong influence on it.


Are jdm cars cheaper in japan ?


The short answer is yes, many iconic vehicule of the JDM 90's golden era are way more common in Japan than in other country so since the rule of demand and offer is applied and you can find great bargains.

You have to know that in Japan, a law makes that it is not interesting for Japanese to keep a vehicle more than 5 years old (I think) because the tax and paper passed costs more and pushes to the consumption of new vehicles... which makes that the market of export of vehicle of more than 5 years explode... and the prices too.

For many people importing vehicles is not necessary, but for some JDM enthusiasts, it is often the only way to own the car of their dreams. In Japan for example, some models have been produced and sold only there, without being imported in the US or even in Europe.


Price of R34 GTR in Japan


Trust Kikaku is only a three-minute drive from the Tsukuba Circuit. The company is almost considered a paradise for Skyline and JDM fans. You can see examples as far as the eye can see, whether they are for sale or not for spare parts. Want to buy a beautiful Skyline with low miles? It's possible....

The most beautiful ones are wrapped in plastic and are quietly waiting for their next owner.

The Skyline (except GT-R) offered for sale are not necessarily expensive. Those in the know know that we are talking about the R32, R33 and R34 generations. This one was the last Skyline available as a GT-R, a model that is naturally very expensive... For a version without turbo and with four doors, for example, you pay only $2,000 at Kikaku.

A bargain... but you'll have to deal with the right-hand steering wheel.

The company does not only specialize in Nissans : you can also see Toyotas, Subarus and others...


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